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Visiting Phan Thiet, do not forget to come to Ke Ga

Visiting Phan Thiet, do not forget to come to Ke Ga

At first, I want to share with you that this place is rarely to be listed brochure for foreign tourists and Ke Ga lighthouse has still been mystery to the foreign visitors, but it is more popular to the domestic visitors. Luckily, I have the help of my Vietnamese friend, without this, my journey to Ke Ga were really difficult.

The journey to Ke Ga, Phan Thiet.

Ke Ga is situated in Ham Thuan district of Binh Thuan province, and it takes about a half hour to move into Phan Thiet from Mui Ne and more 1.5 hours to go from Phan Thiet to arrive in Ke Ga. I am sure that on the way to this place you will be very exciting because the road has a side of mountain, a side of sea and a range of modern resorts as well; the way is quite long, but we do not have any tired expression.

The region of Ke Ga cape.
The region of Ke Ga cape.


Ke Ga lighthouse is not in the main land, it is set on a small island which is quite near the sea. If you want to go to see it, you have to park your car at a nearby restaurant here and ask the local people to hire for you a boat. Maybe you find it near when standing at the shore to see the lighthouse, the way to Ke Ga is total easy as you think. There are many cliffs protruding in this sea, and if you are not a professional driver or familiar to the terrain, your boat easily touch these stones. Sitting on the boat gives you a really fascinating feeling, and you can touch your hands into the water while the boat is running rapidly. And you can feel safe because every passenger on the boat is equipped with life jackets.

The impression on the beauty of Ke Ga

The blue clear sea water, rocks of all sizes exposing themselves to the sun, and a heave white sand hill in the far southeast are all creating the majestic beauty of Ke Ga.

Ke Ga cape next to the blue sea.

When the boat arrives in the island, you will see a wonderful scene. There are big protruding stones outsides looks like the wall protecting the island from the wave of sea. I am very lucky to come here in favorable weather though it is quite hot. You also should be careful to walk on the stones on the island because they are very slippery and make you easily fall. There is no clear way on this island, and you need to go passing the rocks, walk to the direction of the grass and the lighthouse.

Around Ke Ga lighthouse, you can see many small rocks.

You can go to visit the island freely, but if you want to go into the lighthouse, you have to pay 30,000 VND (USD/VND = 22,000). Though this lighthouse was built in 1890, now it is still very majestic and there is no sign of the age. Stairs to the lighthouse are spiral stairs, and when you climb up to the top, you will see a spectacular scene. Standing here, you can see at 360 degrees to enjoy the majestic beauty and the breeze blowing the hair.

This journey has been one of my memorable travels in Vietnam tourism up to now. And in the future I hope that I will have chance to go to more such impressive and exciting destinations.

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